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Safer commuting for people who cycle

Cork City Council and Cork County Council published plans in 2017 for a cycling network across the Cork Metropolitan Area.

The Cork Cycle Network Plan (CCNP) calls for a coherent and high quality cycle network. The vision for the plan supports a shift from the private car to cycling for employment and education trips, and provides a strong basis for increasing leisure and tourist cycling. Importantly, the plan calls for high quality cycle routes (QoS A+/A) on priority corridors.  The CCNP is a great plan and would transform cycling and commuting in Cork for the better.

But the rollout of the CCNP is currently stalled due to insufficient political will. If many employers demand the infrastructure, they can together send a strong message to the National Transport Authority and the Department of Transport.

CyclingWorks Cork exists to help employers make a collective call for cycling infrastructure in Cork to be prioritised.

Cycling is good for Cork businesses

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